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Privacy and Confidentiality

Welcome to the website operated by CHECKLIST, We respect your privacy & always try to keep this more confidential from any others. To learn more about your data protection privacy, Please read the privacy policy.

1. How we collect Data: When customers signup on our website by filling in some necessary information like Name, phone, email, address password etc, then this data is stored in our database for future login crossmatching for real customers. This is a simplistic process for any kind of website so that any customer can easily access the website & can place an order to get from home. This is a common process for serving an order to the doorstep of a customer.

2. Data Usages: We acknowledged to you that, We only stored your data and information in our database only for serving your placed order.  Without your necessary data/information, we won't able to complete your order. Generally, Your data is only needed for your own goal. We will never share/misuse your data for any illegal activities that go against the data protection act of Bangladesh.

3. Data Protection: Data protection is a matter of trust and your privacy is very very important to us. We are using a world-class database so that we can assure your data is more secure. 

4. Data Deletion: Your data, Your choice. We always respect your decision. You can delete your account anytime. All of your data will be erased from our server after the deletion of your account. But be careful, deleted data will not be able to restore anymore. so this is a caution. 

5. Promotions: We promote many offers to our valuable customers (ex: hot deals, weekly deals, best savers, etc) sometimes to provide the best offers. For this reason, sometimes we use customers' mail, and phones to send them promotional SMS/mail for acknowledging them about our campaigns. if any customer doesn't want to get this promotional mails from us. then they can unsubscribe from our mailing list easily. Here is the link to unsubscribe

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